Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is VDTT ?

VDTT stands for VLSI Design Tools and Technology. Its' a Masters program at IIT, Delhi.We'll use this acronym through out this FAQ. And if you have just heard about a VLSI course at IIT Delhi, then this is the one of them. :) This is an interdisciplinary program jointly run by two departments, Electrical Engg and Computer Science & Engg together with the Centre for Applied Research in Electronics.
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How is it different from other MTech programs ?

Its' an inter disciplinary Industry Sponsored program. Each student in this program is sponsored by a particular company. He will also get an opportunity to interact with his sponsoring company along with International career opportunities.
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What is Inter disciplinary?

This means that 3 departments Computer Science & Engg, Electrical Engg and CARE ( Center for Applied Research in Electronics) participate in this program.Students will also undergo a hands-on fabrication training at CEERI, Pilani or at CARE.
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I am not too comfortable with Electronics but I would like to do VLSI at the system level. Do I have a choice of subjects?

The VDTT Program has three streams. Please refer to the COURSES section on website for more details.
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I am confused..?

Never mind. This is to tell you that there is a certain amount of flexibility within the program that has been introduced to help students choose courses according to their interests. The number of core courses have been reduced and program electives have been increased to accomodate this flexibility. This gives the students a good bandwidth to choose from a variety of courses.
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How do I decide which stream to choose?
Students with a stronger Computer Science background would generally prefer the Systems Stream whereas those who prefer hardcore electronics design would find themselves comfortable with the Design stream. This criteria is not binding on the students.
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Do I have to decide the stream before the interviews?

Although this is not required, you could mention your interests during the interview.Back to Top

Do I have to work for the Assistantship which I get?
Yes, just like any other ME/MTech program student. This will involve, approximately eight hours/week of teaching assistantship work which will be assigned to you after you join the course.
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Which all companies are involved?

In the last year these were the companies involved:

  • Cypress Semiconductors, Bangalore.
  • Qualcomm, Bangalore
  • Texas Instruments, Bangalore
  • Cadence Design System, Noida
During the previous years some other companies which were involved in the program were :
  • LSI Logic, USA.
  • Analog Devices, Banglore.
  • Intel Carporation, USA.
  • Silicon Automation System, Banglore.
  • Philips Semiconductors, The Netherlands.
  • Nokia, Germany

For the details related to the sponsors associated with this program, please see the Sponsors page.
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Do I have to sign a bond with the sponsoring company?

No. No legal contract or Bond will have to be signed by the student for the sponsorship.(Hey isn't that GREAT!!) .
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How do I know who sponsors me? Do I have a choice ?

This will be based on your choice. You will have to provide options for the company you want to be sponsored by. This will be considered based on your GATE score and performance in the Technical interview. Please look at one of the questions below elaborating on admission procedure .
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What interaction will I have with the sponsoring company?

You will be doing your final semester project with your sponsor and a faculty member from the VDTT group. This project will be decided during the second semester. The project location is at the sponsors' location. Areas of interests can be mentioned by the sponsor during the admission time. Also you may get some sort of trainnig in between the course by the sponsoring company.
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Okay, what are the course contents?

As the name suggests, it is a course which exposes a student to various research areas of VLSI. Its' for anybody who wants to get into VLSI Design, VLSI Design Tools or VLSI Technology. The core courses expose you to various aspects of VLSI Design, Algorithms involved in VLSI CAD tools and IC Fabrication Technology. The course electives allow you to plan the courses during first and second semester. Students also undergo a practical training on IC Fabrication at CEERI Pilani after their second semester.
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Tell me more!

Other than the normal course work, students also have an opportunity to attend seminars, workshops and other guest lectures by various visitors either from sponsoring companies or other institutions. Some of these may be directly organized by the involved faculty members exclusively for the VDTT students.
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Wow, sounds exciting! I want to get into VDTT. Can I?

You can if you have an engineering degree in Computer Science/Elecrtonics/Electrical/Instrumentation and a valid gate score in CS/EC/EE/IN/IT Or Msc in Electronics with valid gate score in PH.
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I'm already working in a company. And my company is ready to sponsor me for higher studies. Do I have a chance?

Yes. You can also get into the course provided you clear the interview conducted by VDTT faculty .
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Yes, I meet those criteria, how/where do I apply?

Visit the IITD MTech Admissions Website hereMTech Admissions
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What's the selection procedure?

Good question. Lets' take time and try to understand this.

  1. First you will have to procure the admission forms (Regular ME/MTech Admission-forms issued by IIT, Delhi).
  2. You make sure that the duly completed form reaches the institute before the specified deadline.
  3. Depending on the number of applications received that year a particular number of students will be short listed for the interviews while a few students may be selected for direct admission. You will be intimated about these things if you meet the basic requirements and any of criteria given below:
  4. Exceptional GATE Score with more than 75 % aggregate in the qualifying degree you may be eligible for Direct Admission. This means that you will not be attending the first round of interviews.
  5. A GATE score above a certain cutoff decided based on the number of applications received that year you will be called for the first round of interviews.
  6. You will be intimated about the date and the venue for the interview.
  7. On the specified day you attend the interview along with other candidates. This will be conducted by the VDTT faculty only and based on the performance of the candidates, few of them will be short listed for the second round of interview. This list will be announced on the same day as soon as all the candidates are interviewed.
  8. The previously short listed students along with the direct admission candidates will have to meet the representatives from the sponsoring companies. Usually each representative presents ideas and areas of interest about his company. This will help you to provide options for the company you want to be sponsored by.
  9. Depending on your options you will be interviewed by the sponsor. Based on your performance and choice you will be selected and alloted a particular sponsor.

Hope that more or less clears the procedure! .
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Interviews ? What preparation or background do I need?

Relax. You just need fundamentals of your qualifying degree.No experience or background regarding VLSI will be assumed.
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Do you have any other statistics?

In year 2015, 6 students were admitted into the program. Of the total intake Cypress sponsored 1 student,Texas Instruments 1 and Cadence sponsored 1 and 3 were sponsored by Internal Projects
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Oh! Is there a limit for intake for each background?

NO. There is no such limit. But surely there is limit on the total intake.
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Can you give me some probable interview dates?

Here are a few probable dates from last year.

  • First round of Interview: May 13th,2015.
  • Sponsors Interview: May 14th,2015.

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After getting admission how much do I have to pay?

As mentioned above, this course is fully sponsored. The company sponsoring you will pay all your institute dues and expenses related to travel to the place where you will do final project. Cost of your stay here in IIT Delhi during the period of three samester will be only related to your food and your personal expenses. (Companies will not pay your mess dues).
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I still have some questions. Whom do I ask?

Yeah, we understand. If you have anything to ask about the course please write to:

Prof. Anshul Kumar
The Coordinator, VDTT Programme
Room No IIA/516,Bharti Building IIT Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016
Ph : +91-11-26591321

Feel free to contact any of the students personally in case of any queries too.
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