Life in VDTT

There is a famous saying"All that starts well.... Ends well ", but none talk about the eternity that lies between the two. Other than making our dream of entering the prestigious cult of VLSI designers, life at IIT-Delhi offers much more, if you dare to experience it. Let us share some words, to give a glimpse of how, is it to be a part of VDTT.

The first few days at IIT, one would feel like "life to chill hai yaar"(life is chill!!!), But beware and don't get carried away, the countless deadlines will soon strike you one by one. There starts the true journey of your dream life. You will be astonished to see the gamut to which you can push your abilities and, realize that sleep becomes your favorite time pass. There is another saying" With greater pain .....comes greater pleasure "


Second Home... :)

Soon, Labs will become your second home, and the co-students your family. :) There is a buzz that goes around there. The night-outs and the deadline crunches brings us together and slowly we start enjoying each-others company.

The nights are creepy and fun filled, everyone waits for some one to call him/ (rare) her for a cup of tea, and soon the 5 mins tea break extends to a hour long chit-chats that you are bound to remember through your life.

The IPL/FIFA/EPL sessions, jokes that go around and the background songs keep the atmosphere of the lab light and constructive. There are arrangements too for those who want to stretch their legs to relax.

Behind all this, there is a great amount of effort everyone put towards the academics and its not wrong to say that

"An IITian possessed with an aim knows no bound "


Deadline Theory!!!

The universal theory about the deadlines is no new, but one could realize its importance after coming here. On a deadline day even at 4:30 in the morning our hands would be working strong, eyes wide open and brain being practically still functional. You will be astonished by the way it works, no matter what may be the task trivial or maverick it is complete dead, at the deadline without fail. The adrenaline hype one gets working endlessly only on the coffee and elaichi tea. But all the anxiety is justified by the satisfaction you get at the end of it. Feeling the pleasure of practically seeing what you learn is the ultimate reward one can get.

To Put it with a touch of pun,

"The assignments are lengthy, dark and deep,
But I have deadlines to meet,
And work to do before I sleep
And work to do before I sleep "


Freak Out

There are enough joints in and around the campus to cool your heels off.

For those who are Veggy buffs.. and are feeling lazy can go Shefali or Rainbow just in front of IIT Main gate. At Shefali they serve a great thali and otherwise too the food is delicious. Rainbow is a once in a while try-out and there you can try out the shakes and pastries and cakes for the Birthdays.

For Non-Veg Stuff, you can always try the kathi-kabas served at the SDA market. Also delicious biryani's and roasted chikens are served at open restraints in Saket market. COSY also specializes in this area and is just at 2km reach from the campus

For the Andhra guys there are too many options to try their hands at. But Andhra Bhavan stands out with its cheap yet extremely hot south- Indian Thali, But beware if your tummy cant handle the hot food they serve. There are other options too like Ananth at a 2 Kms distance from the campus. There are some nice Tamil & Kerala Restaurants in Munirka which is just 2 Kms away of the campus. For the typical South Indian food in Coorg style is available at Naivedyam in Hauz Khas Village (1.5 Kms away), which is a super luxury restaurant; the calmness of this place with soft music playing in the background will call you always - even in your dream.

There are ought to be many parties once you are here, Govardhan or Shanthi sagar are great places to host these parties. So people gear up and of-course you can explore new-places around here, as there is no shortage of them

If some of you guys want to enjoy a pint of beer with your food there are couple of great places where you can do so. Scorpio Resto-bar at green-park is the favorite among us, but there are places at Saket and Priya market's.

These markets also have PVR's, there you can check-out new movies once in a while, If money is a problem always the Hostel LAN comes to the rescue.