Projects of The Year 2011

Vinod Krishnan V.

Sponsored By : Calypto
Project Title : Low Power Memory Architecture Inference in High Level Synthesis
IITD Guide : Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda
Company Guide : Nikhil Tripathi

Amol Gupta

Sponsored By : SiRF Project
Project Title : Magnetic sensor Testing for Inertial Navigation
IITD Guide : Manish Sharma and Arun Kumar

Saravana Kumar M.

Sponsored By : NTANMIC
Project Title : High Dynamic Continuous-Time Delta Sigma ADC for audio applications
IITD Guide : Prof. Shouribrata Chatterjee
Company Guide : Muthukrishnan Chinasamy

Arun Kumar Pilania

Sponsored By : Intel Project
Project Title : Array Scalarization : A Novel Behavioral Synthesis Optimization
IITD Guide : Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda


Sponsored By : Cadence (Part-time)
Project Title : 64KBIT SRAM Design using Cadence Mixed Signal Design Flow
IITD Guide : Prof. G.S. Visweswaran
Company Guide : Rajendra Pratap Singh

Avanish Kumar Singh

Sponsored By : Magma (Part-time)
Project Title : DIIT
IITD Guide : Prof. G.S. Visweswaran